TV Without Cable – What are my options?

So if we dump the cable company, what options do we have?

Let’s start with the very least expensive option there is – a TV antenna.

It may be news to many, but believe it or not, TV stations still broadcast over the air, just like they did 50 years ago.

WHOA !!! A TV ANTENNA !!??? Like those things that we used to put on the roof?

Well yes, but things have changed a bit.

TV has gone from analogue to digital, and the antennas are a lot smaller and easier to use.

You can, in fact, make a TV antenna out of oldTV Without Cable coat hangers, and it will work perfectly, even on your fancy high definition flat screen TV, and the picture will be every bit as good as it is with cable. Yes, really! Try it and you’ll see !!

You won’t get as many channels as you do with cable, but the price is definitely right.

Here’s a video that will show you exactly how to do it. It’s a fun weekend project, and the whole thing can be done for fifteen bucks, maybe even less.

Here are some tips if you build this antenna:

1. It does work inside, but it works even better outside.
2. You must use metal coathangers. Copper wire can be substituted.
3. Try to point it in the direction of the transmitters.
4. The higher you mount it, the better it will work.

This site will help you find the right direction to aim your antenna.

If you’re not the do it yourself type, in my next post, we’ll start looking at antennas you can buy.

Also, I think most people are aware that TV Antennas aren’t the only way to watch TV without cable. I’ll be looking into some other methods in an upcoming post.


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4 Responses to TV Without Cable – What are my options?

  1. You’re amazing! Just wanted to make your day better :)

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  3. Mike says:


    This might sound stupid I have three hi def tv's do you need 3 antennas or can one do the job ,and if only 1 then can the other tv's be on different stations all at same time 

    thanks ,


    • Neill says:

      Hi Mike – One antenna should do it, but you’ll need a coax cable splitter and maybe an amplifier. Yes the different TV’s can be on different channels at the same time.

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