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Here's a video about the ROKU, a real cable killer.


  Ok today I'll get away from antennas for a while and talk about watching TV on your PC. Everybody knows about NETFLIX, right? If you're not a NETFLIX subscriber you really are missing out. It's roughly 10 bucks a month for hundreds of movies you can stream directly to your PC. You can watch those movies on your TV if you have a Wii, or an Xbox360, or a Roku.

Here's a guide to what's currently available on Netflix streaming.

So if you've surfed through the channels but you can't find anything to watch…

It's ROKU to the rescue. NETFLIX, HULU plus, and more, streamed right to your TV, and much of it is commercial free. RokuA ROKU is a little (about 3" X 3") wireless gadget that allows you to stream movies and TV shows directly from your internet connection to your TV. There are currently 5 ROKU models, each with different capabilities. The listings below will show the differences. Be sure to scroll down on each page to see the details.

1. Roku LT Least expensive Roku.
2. Roku HD Next up.
3. Roku 2 XD Next up.
4. Roku 2 XS Play interactive games with this one.
5. Roku 3 The newest ROKU.


I put that video up there to give you some idea what the ROKU can do. ROKU really is a cable killer. For the price of one month's cable service you'll get more TV than you have time for. Sports, news, stuff for kids, it goes on and on and they're adding new channels all the time. The really neat thing is that you pay for this gizmo ONCE and that's it. No more monthly cable bill.

If you don't have any of that fancy hardware and don't want to spend the money, here's a guide to show you how to run a cable from your PC to your television set so you can watch Netflix or Hulu movies on your TV. Total cost about five bucks. Here's a video about that…


Below is a detailed post showing how to attach your PC to your TV with very inexpensive VGA cables.

Connect your PC to your TV

Want to watch Youtube or Netflix videos on your TV?

Connect your PC to your TV using VGA (Visual Graphics Array) ports.

This is very easy and very inexpensive.

There are a bunch of different ways to connect your TV to your PC. I'm going to outline the easiest and most common here, which is the VGA method, and then I'll provide some links to other methods.

VGA-Port4The very first thing you'll need to do is find out what kind of output ports your PC has, and what kind of input ports your TV has. So have a look at the back of your desktop or laptop. If your computer is less than 5 years old, there's at least a 90% chance that you'll have a VGA output port, and maybe even a DVI port, but for now we're going to concentrate on the VGA method.

Now go have a look at your TV. With any luck there will be an input port there that looks exactly like the VGA port on your computer, except that it will be labled "PC INPUT" or something similar.

So now we're going to buy a VGA to VGA cable so we can connect your computer to your TV. It really is that simple and that's basically all there is to it. The cables come in different lengths so be sure to get the right length for your needs. Check out the links below for more detailed info.

However, be advised that the VGA cable only carries images, it does not carry sound. So you can listen to the soundtrack on your computer speakers or head phones or you can buy an audio cable to run from your computer to your TV.

Here is an excellent visual guide to this whole process.

Further instructions here Please read carefully. .


And by the way, if you like to download movies, an external hard drive is a good investment, since movies can eat up disc space very rapidly. External hard drives are extremely easy to use – just plug the drive into any open USB port and you're done. A note on external hard drives: don't get the biggest one available. I have a friend whose one terrabyte external drive stopped working after three months, and I have seen other reports like that on the web, so I'd recommend a 500 gigabyte drive for now. I'm sure the larger ones will get more reliable as time goes on.

Happy TV watching !

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    If I buy Roku do I still have to pay to watch Netflix or Hulu?

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